Monday, June 2, 2008

Tag, I'm It

I've been tagged for a Getting To Know You meme by Liana of Sew Intriguing aka Liana, Adminstrator of Artisanssquare, a very sophisticated sewing forum. I would not normally get so personal on MsFineFabrics, but if challenged, you must rise to the occasion.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
1. Managing exponential business growth at Force Fin - business #1
2. Entertaining alot - guests every weekend.
3. I am sure I was traveling, but cannot remember where that year.

What are 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Schedule Mom with Easy Lift for Visits to Fine Fabrics.
2. Bookkeeping for Fine Fabrics.
3. Answer interview questions posed to husband for article in Historical Diver
4. Send thank you note to Director of New York Museum of Modern Art for complementary lifetime memberships for artist/designer husband and myself.
5. Take remnants and fabrics sold out down from

Snacks I enjoy - wonder from where my belly comes?
1. Bread, brie cheese and minced garlic
2. Nuts
3. Iced mocha made with non-fat milk, Italian semi-sweet chocolate and no sugar
4. Bread
5. Chocolate chip cookie

Things I would do if I were a billionaire...
Millionaires used to qualify for this question. Who says I am not...., in concept, at least. Same as I do now, but without the stress. Take a deep breath. Travel, at a wim. Buy property for store to exist permanently. Buy house for sale on beach for $29,000,000, or better yet, an island, that is high enough to still exist in 100 years, with plenty of fresh water and good soil. Learn to fly. Buy a farm in the heart of France. Invest more in DH's ship and energy projects. Entertain. Establish a foundation with world class Board to manage everything.

What type(s) of work have you done? A talk I gave to a graduating class of Santa Barbara's Women's Economic Venture Group best describes who I am professionally.

Peeps - I'll have to think about this one. I am new to blogs and I am still learning my way around. I will update later.

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