Friday, April 9, 2010

Lace Sleeves

Sometimes a predictable use for a fabric is so predictable because it works. That is the case with using a very beautiful fine lace as sleeves and necklines on just about anything. After much consideration through the collection of lace available at, I decided that this black chantilly lace would work perfectly for sleeves and neckline of lively print silk jersey shirt made using Vogue Pattern 8636 by Marcy Tilton.

I plan to wear it with my new and finally completed black super 190 wool and cashmere, a very, fine and soft combination suit, made using my own design for the jacket and trousers using a vintage Yves St. Laurent pattern. Will post picture of the completed garment later.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Blouse over Jeans

I can see this soft cotton print made into a Summer blouse like Vogue Pattern 8657 worn with jeans. The key to your fabric choice on this one is the soft drape of a high thread count cotton.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep It Simple

This piece of silk has texture, body, drape, and sophisticated color and design. Its everything I look for when procuring silk and cotton prints for It could be used to make just about anything for Spring or Summer, blouse, dress, skirt..... My suggestion. Something simple that takes advantage of the drape and keeps it easy to match the pattern. Something like Donna Karan's Vogue dress pattern 1012.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspiration #3 - Opera Coat

Spring can be bright, sunny and warm. Spring can be blustery. Spring can be cold and rainy. It seems as if it does not matter where you are, but Spring can bring the most variable weather. Spring can inspire us to sew a Summer dress, a cotton blouse, a tweed suit, or an Opera coat, a long, loose, fitting coat made using a luxurious fabric, such as this wool tapestry, with lurex (metallic threads woven throughout) for sparkle. Made in Italy and available at

Consider making the coat using Vogue Pattern 8549. Love the collar and shoulder detail on this one. The wool tapestry has the body to support the collar, and a softness that will fall into the drape.

Think about wearing over a black velvet tank dress, or jet black cotton with a bit of lycra for stretch pant weight poplin for casual elegance.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Summer Fashion Inspiration #2

In my opinion, the fashion designs by Tom and Linda Platt are among the most elegantly simple available. Their entries in the Vogue Patterns Summer Collection are no exception. Take the dress of Vogue 1180 for Summer walks. A simple dress with elegant lines.

The beauty of this dress is how it falls from a proper fitting bustline. Made using using a fine Japanese cotton double gauze, with wispy painterly quality, it will be the perfect dress to wear on hot Summer days.

If a bit shear for your liking, then consider lining with soft, high thread count pima cotton broadcloth in eggshell, made in England and available from

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Is it a primal throwback? Something ingrained in our dna? No matter how consistent our lives might be... with climate controlled shelter and cars to enclose our travels year round..... Spring comes and,.... well..... It's inspiring...... and to inspire your sewing obsessions, we have a fresh collection of cotton, linen and light weight wools.

Inspiration #1:

Vogue Pattern 1165 by Sandra Betzina. I just love the pleating detail on the front of this blouse. It will prove to be a challenge to keep the pleats straight along their angle. Not something to do when you are tired or in poor light.

I envision making it even more daring, collapsing into the pleats the colors of a brand new cotton print from Liberty of London, now in stock at

What is your Spring inspiration?