Friday, October 10, 2008

When times are tough, its time to sew

Many of the mills that supply have survived World War II, the last Great Depression of the 1930's, World War I, the Long Depression that started in 1870, and even the Napoleonic War. There is something very humbling and ingratiating to look at love, life and business as a long term global adventure. And, if there is anything I have learned from my short time here, and the few lost loves, disappointments, and hardships I have had to endure, the very best therapy is activity. Let's get in shape - swim twice a day and twice as long - and let's get sewing.

This weekend's project: Gown based upon Vogue Pattern 2842. The rough draft made out of muslin revealed that pleats on both sides of front, that fold in along pelvis simply does not make it for those of us who are not flat bellied.

"Oh did you see that Susanne is pregnant!" (translated: "They must be awfully active and he must be mighty virile...." ) may not be a bad rumor to spread at the age of my husband and I.

Nonetheless, I settled for fashion conformity and dropped the pleats and pulled the side seam up 6" accordingly on the left side, creating an asymmetrical line, while keeping the volume at the hemline, dropped the bottom pleat on the right side so that the fabric drapes over and hides the, "I'm not really pregnant, it just looks that way," belly. To overcome the virginal wedding dress look, I'll show a little skin by not lining the godet.

For the gown, I'm using a crisp silk and golden mettallic taffetta with a scale pattern texture, selvage stamped Giorgio Armani, available from

I have yet to decide on the lace to be used for the sleeves, bodice and godet. I'll either stay with Armani inspired colors with a gray Solstiss lace lined with golden silk charmeuse, or liven the look up with a pale rose colored and gold chantilly lace, also made by Solstiss, lined with a lively melon charmeuse. If I use the latter, I'll tier the lace that hangs in the godet, and drip some of the lace down the front of the gown.

Oh yes.... I do have a before the sky fell scheduled black tie event to attend in a couple of weeks, so the gown is needed.... Love, life, business and fashion will continue.