Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kubler-Ross' missing step - Euphoria

They say a move is the emotional equivalent of death. I do have to say that during the past couple of months my moods have run the course of Kubler-Ross.

Denial: I piled up so much to do that I could not possibly make the move date. I agreed to make a wedding gown, that
turned into a most adorable rehearsal dress, inspired by Yves St. Laurent's 1957 black dress and made using an Armani linen fabric in ice blue, when
we decided to give the bride's mother's 1953 Saks couture wedding gown a boob job, round down the points, and an overlay of Solstiss lace. The wedding was the same day as Fine Fabrics new store opening and exhibit of the 2009 Haute Couture Collection from Solstiss Lace.

I also joined an international internet "Great Coat Sew-A-Long". More later on construction of my coat, including interviews with 2 of Santa Barbara's finest couturiers on pad stitching and bound button holes. I started my summer pleated skirt to be finished next, and agreed to see our Armani fabric sales representative on the day before movers were scheduled. Some great new Armani Fabrics have since arrived, and are now available at I ended up packing up the old store in 6-hours. Years of trade shows made that part a breeze. Movers showed up the next morning. It took 6 men to move our black granite, steel-based cutting table. We were in, out and in Fine Fabrics new location in 9 hours flat.

I won't go into my anger or depression stage. My mother, who like so many others had taught me to sew, died in the middle of all this. She is 90 years old and had a major stroke a number of years ago. Some say it is a blessing. I don't agree. I say, "it just is." She survived and progressed in life for more than 7 years after she could no longer take care of herself. Sitting with her in the end, allowed us to share our release from anger and depression, but I won't go into that here because when the doors opened on August 9 ........

Hundreds of Santa Barbara's fashionistas showed up with bouquets and orchids, and 10 bottles of champagne later, I felt a bit euphoric. Kubler-Ross missed the last step: Euphoria.

Thank you all for joining us for our opening celebration and allowing us to share with you the art of Solstiss Lace. We look forward to many more years of composing and sewing fashion together.

And, here is to you mom, who unconditionally loved your family and life, and fought to live so well.

Ms. Fine Fabrics in the red hat, Fine Fabrics' dressmaker, Cindy Asendorf, who pulled off completing the wedding gown makeover in the nick of time, in the white hat, and my mother, Betty Chess, in the blue hat, at Santa Barbara's most sought after for invitation 4th of July party.