Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Priestess of Humanity

There is a thread running at Artisanssquare about the prospect of living over 100 years, not as an anomaly, but as a sociological norm. I, for one, believe an aging population bulge will increase the sociological force of elders within our society. I also believe that the population increase that will inevitably coincide with this extended life span will accelerate our Earth becoming more species homogeneous. A sad fact is that we are not reading about increased longevity for species other than humans.

That started me thinking about the responsibility we will weld as "Elders Who Live Longer Than Those Before" in a world that is human, which brings us to the question of what it is to be human?

I grappled with answers that have great ethical value -- that of choice, to learn from our choices, to love and care for those whom we love..... To be honest, these qualities are not unique to humanity. There was but one answer I could find that made us uniquely human and that was clothes. We must clothe ourselves to live on Earth.

The Priests and Priestesses of "The Society of Elders Who Live Longer Than Those Before" in the species homogeneous Earth are those who make clothes. Fellow sewers I anoint you today!

A love for sewing is a spiritual awakening! Sew away!