Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Maxi Dress Becoming a Classic

I just discovered Facebook. Well, I didn't just discover Facebook, but I did call in the youth brigade, my niece's daughter Sarah to help work me through the set up and intricacies of Facebook so that we can most effectively work with it in sharing our couture adventures there as well. Please link through that you like  Fine Fabrics on Facebook. It seems we need 25 likes to go live. 

Within 24 hours of consumption, and I do see how Facebook can become a consumption this picture appeared, posted by my nephew:

Yes. That is a very young Ms. FineFabrics in her made for the senior prom at 14 years old maxi-dress. How appropriate that this picture should appear when maxi dresses are at their most popular since.

I was invited to the prom the day before by the friend, of the boyfriend of a friend, who needed a date.  I ran home from school and popped out this maxi dress from fabric in my stash. I remember cutting out Simplicity Pattern 9944 on the living room floor, with the afternoon session of Felix the Cat playing in the background.

Found today at

My date was in an Elton John emulation phase and wore a top hat, tuxedo jacket, striped shirt and patched jeans du jour. Well it was 1971.

I've made one maxi dress since. I wore it to a "festive" birthday party. It was perfect for the occassion, and I have no idea why maxi-dresses are not classics within our wardrobes. They are so much fun and when in style, so appropriate.

In celebration of the maxi-dress revival we have added to our offerings the following maxi-dress perfect fabrics:

Let's hear it for the maxi dress becoming a classic this time around!