Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrap Me in Lace and Silk

We're wrapping up Fine Fabrics 3rd Annual World's Finest Lace Show, and I must say this year's show was a huge success. Clients, new and old, came from far and wide, and ooh'd and ahh'd, and let out a sigh as they pondered the creations they might make and wear, and marveled at the intricate hand work, creativity and details exhibited in each piece. Here is a list of the favorites, which we're adding to the collections of and are available for immediate delivery beginning mid-September:

A client selection from the Paris Haute Couture Collection from Solstiss Lace. Delicate chantilly ombre lace, light beige at one selvage, traveling through celadon, teal to black on the other selvage. Clients of Fine Fabrics are having made a peasant style blouse, the body of which is black and the hem, teal moving up to the face and nape of the neck in the back. The celadon meets the teal at the raglan seam, moving down to the light beige selvage at the sleeve hem. We love working with clients who have the style sophistication to discover the way to work with these exquisite pieces that can be worn as easily with jeans, as it can with a black velvet skirt.

More ideas to come.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Solstiss Show Opening

The Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild enjoyed a sneak peak of the Paris Haute Couture collection from Solstiss, after enjoying an educational presentation by Jane Burge from SolstissBucol.

100's of guests arrived, most of whom live in Santa Barbara, but others visited from Ohio, Maryland, and Kande Hall and Len Grabiner traveled from the South Bay of Los Angeles to join Fine Fabrics for the opening of its 3rd Annual World's Finest Lace show.

Those are purses made by and using Solstiss lace in the background.

Many brought, or wore their own lace and beaded creations.

Santa Barbara's and Fine Fabrics' resident couture expert, Tim Carty gave draping presentations.

to the pleasing harp music of Signe Wilson.

Yep. That's a 2-pin drape of one of Fine Fabrics most beautiful pieces of embellished Solstiss lace. It dances in the light and coordinates with greens, violets, blues, copper browns as well as it does black.

My morning Masters swim buddies, Susan Dickinson and Gloria Ochoa graced us with the hostess skills and loaned us their French Florists' vase to hold the 50 very tall white Amaryllis cut from my home garden.

Santa Barbara Fashionista favorites will be posted to, some to prive' (contact susanne @ for access) throughout the month of August. Both will be updated daily. Fine Fabrics 3rd Annual World's Finest Lace Show is on exhibit through August 31, 2009.