Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let It Go

I am a project person. I must always do. In fact, I am happiest when doing multiple things at a time. I find rather prophetic the scene from "The Man Who Fell to Earth" when David Bowie is viewing a wall of televisions broadcasting in multiple languages at one time. It looks exactly like the multiple windows open on my computer screen. When someone says to me, don't you ever take time to just "relax", to just focus on yourself. To just be. I say, "why". There is much to much to do.

The upside of this psychological trait is that I do accomplish alot. There is also a funny side effect. I am "attached" to very little. Once it is done, I can very easily let it go. In fact, I rejoice in the mental click that goes off when I finish and task, and can move onto the next. There is always some other project or task that must be completed to fill the void.

The same is true with the fabrics we sell at I am in love with each and every one. I personally pick each by hand, and can visualize exactly what I, or one of my clients might make out of each. When one sells out, I let out a little sigh, but I also rejoice because it is an opportunity to fill the void with another beautiful piece.

Yesterday, a very odd thing happened. 3-pieces walked out the door, all of which were on my list of "things to next make", two of which were part of current compositions underway. My skirt was widdled down to 1-3/4 yards of fabric. It clearly needs more.

I was dreaming about this skirt. It was elegant. It was casual. It had volume and depth. It was simple and complex. It had style. It was chic. I was excited about it. It was the most exciting thing I have made in, well, I can't remember how long. I was attached to it and the idea of wearing it, but I had to let it go.

Well, onto the next project!


  1. The skirt you were draping in the previous entry?
    The patchwork square diamonds that you were so carefully pleating?

    I'm crestfallen.

    Ok, I understand letting go. I'm working on that in a really big way right now.
    But, I have to beg you...You need to take your next draping project OFF the sales floor. Deep breath. Now what?

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