Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Infinity - The Limit of Design Interpretation

Another example of how a classic design can be infinitely interpreted is the two dresses that were made using a very classic interpretation of the little black dress by Vera Wang for Vogue patterns. This is the base pattern that was used for the large format flower dress of "Smelling Silk and Roses".

Earlier we made the same dress in its formal length, with a bodice overlay of Solstiss Lace, embellished with tufts of tulle, silk habotai, silk charmeuse and pearls. The same base dress was made using an outerlayer of an iridescent silk that shimmers between indescribably beautiful shades of cream, light mustard and acid green, above a layer of autumn gold chiffon, to warm the value to better work with my autumn color profile, and cream heavy georgette to mirror all the colors in the bodice overlay: Two very different interpretations of the same design.

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  1. Just beautiful! The evening version is so luxe it's fantastic, and I can see why you wanted a day dress from the same great design.

    I've tagged you for a blog meme. Hope you don't mind. You can see it here.