Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inaugural Party Hostess Gown

The completed Washington Inaugural Party Hostess Dress. The contrast and brightness of the image has been increased, virtually overexposing it you could see more of the detail. It is very monochromatic, which is part of the understated effect we wanted.

Our client's comment, "I should have had Fine Fabrics posted to my forehead for all the people who asked about my dress...... I was watching women pulling and adjusting their bustier and I was running around, free to move and comfortable."

We lined this gown with double knit jersey - yoga pant material - over which was draped 100% cotton interlock - t shirt fabric - and a beautiful, graphic and modern 35% silk and 65% rayon velvet burnout. Our client is California sporty in life and style and this inaugural party gown fits her. For more on its construction see "Washington DC Here We Come!"

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