Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Palazzo Pants - The Other Black Dress

Happy New Year!

Off to multiple parties. Invited at the last minute. No time to think about something new to wear. The predictable solution is that little black dress, but that is its problem. The little black dress is so damn predictable. If you are not wanting to hide in a sea of black dresses, my favorite last minute solution is palazzo pants. You'll never feel too dressy or too casual, and Palazzo pants give unexpected flair.
They are perfect for hopping between parties of different character.

I have 2 pairs of palazzo pants, and for and with a client, we are making a simple pair, that consists of 3 independent layers of different colors of chiffon. Our client's design was inspired by a selection from the collections of John Galliano. They are incredibly easy to make and will fit just about anyone. Will post their progress here later.

The pair of palazzo pants I am wearing New Years' Eve party hopping were made using Vogue 1290. Their outer layer was made using a silk chiffon, flocked with a golden plush velvet tree of life outer layer. They are not lined. Instead, I wear them over a pair of silk charmeuse fitted pants.

A series of chiffon, heavy georgette or plush velvet burnout palazzo pants, worn over fitted silk charmeuse or satin, with stretch fitted pants worn on their own or under the shear palazzo pants are a great trick for staying unique and fashionable for multiple parties. They are the perfect solution for what to wear when traveling to attend the inaugural bashes in Washington, Academy Awards parties, on a cruise, or on New Year's Eve. The look of the pants can change depending upon the layers worn.

The pair of plush patterned chiffon palazzo pants pictured here are fitted at the waist, so a closure is necessary. With fabrics that have a fine drape, like chiffon, I like to substitute small, clear nylon snaps for the zipper. A zipper can add bulk to the seam and interfere with its drape over the hip. I also used size 3 hooks and eyes to keep the waistband closure delicate and low profile.

Our New Year's Eve started at the estate home of Paula and Joe Campinelli,

moved onto a party hosted by Hillary Hauser, Founder and Executive Director of Heal the Ocean, where I was having so much fun I did not even notice that singer Jack Johnson, a big supporter of many environmental causes, including Heal the Ocean was sitting on the couch in front of this dance line up. Oh well, my husband got the opportunity to meet him and thank him for his music and work.

The transition to casual might be better made if I took off the coat and showed the pants with simple sleeveless sweater, but I was caught in the line up on my way out the door to end 2008 quietly at home, so both my designated driver husband and I could toast 2009 in together.


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  2. I wish I knew you ... I'd be begging you to make a pair of palazzo pants for me to wear to a wedding in July! At the beach, not on the beach. Mother of the Bride is a dear friend ... with whom I have reconnected after 40 years. Your pants are wonderful!