Friday, April 9, 2010

Lace Sleeves

Sometimes a predictable use for a fabric is so predictable because it works. That is the case with using a very beautiful fine lace as sleeves and necklines on just about anything. After much consideration through the collection of lace available at, I decided that this black chantilly lace would work perfectly for sleeves and neckline of lively print silk jersey shirt made using Vogue Pattern 8636 by Marcy Tilton.

I plan to wear it with my new and finally completed black super 190 wool and cashmere, a very, fine and soft combination suit, made using my own design for the jacket and trousers using a vintage Yves St. Laurent pattern. Will post picture of the completed garment later.


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  2. I love the potential locked up in fabric. It is so exciting to consider the what-ifs!