Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rapelling from a Helicopter

It might be hard for someone who doesn't sew, or who never stretched the limits of their sewing ability, or who never cut into $687 per yard French beaded lace to understand that this isn't women sitting stiff backed in a circle with embroidery hoops in hand waiting for the men to come in from the hunt stuff. There is an adrenaline rush. Your heart pounds as that sewing machine needle pumps up and down through the layers of lace and silk, tracing the boundary of beads cut from the seam line. I imagine its not unlike the rush my son might get when he is rapelling from a helicopter on a mission as a member of the Sierra Madre Fire and Rescue Team, or the rush my husband might get when swooping down an undersea canyon wall.

Here is the progress I made today. May not look like much to someone who doesn't sew, but you just wait until next week, when I will wear this dress, completed at the opening reception for Fine Fabrics 3rd Annual World's Finest Lace Show.

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  1. The emotional rush you describe brought me back to the time I designed and sewed my sister's wedding gown, using French beaded/corded lace in the bodice. I know exactly what you mean! Not wanting to waste a single scrap of that beautiful lace, I cut out some of the beaded motifs and hand sewed them to the veil, and even made a hair bow for the reception.
    Can't wait to see your finished gown!