Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grant House for City Council

Santa Barbara City Mayor Marty Blum, Ms. Fine Fabrics (Susanne) and
Santa Barbara City Council Member Grant House

I met Grant House in 1985 when he recommended I buy a Bernina 1040 Sewing Machine. With its perfectly smooth stitch and stable motor hum, it is still my favorite machine. Today, Grant House announced his campaign to run for a second term as our representative to Santa Barbara City Council. My husband and I had the pleasure of joining he and his wife Peggy, Mayor Marty Blum and a cadre of Santa Barbara political officials to kick off his campaign for a second term as a Member of City Council of Santa Barbara. Need I say that I endorse his campaign? A small business man, a compassionate and supportive man, who knows as much about sewing machines as any and can sew too! How can anyone resist him?

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