Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels Do Exist

In my quest to find the perfect source for everything related to sewing, I stumbled upon Marx's Tailoring Supply. If my memory serves me correctly Marx's Tailoring Supply was located at One Figueroa, or was it One Wilshire, in downtown Los Angeles. It doesn't really matter, but I remember the building name and address inlaid on the door step marking a grander time for the neighborhood. You won't find the showroom there now. Mrs. Marx was using a walker over 25 years ago, when I stumbled upon her showroom.

My father drove me there. Together, we listened to Mrs. Marx' life story as she pulled out felt, under collars, hymo, basting thread, silk thread on wooden spools, dressmaker quality rayon seam binding, and all these wonderful tailoring supplies that I had yet to find anywhere else.

One of my most precious procurements that day was a sterling silver thimble. Mrs. Marx pulled from her case the one that fit perfectly. The thimble was lost in the mid 1980's. I can remember where we lived and the car I was driving at the time. I remember tearing them apart in my quest to find this perfect thimble.

I was thinking about that thimble recently, and when I opened my sewing drawer, there it was. Now, I know I lost this thimble sometime during the mid 1980's. I cannot explain how it has now re-appeared some 20 years later. Its not as polished as I remember, but this magic thimble fits and works like the original. Guess it means I'm gearing up for some serious hand sewing!


  1. Ms. Fine, loved the thimble story. I believe in gremlins who hide little things like thimbles so they can magically reappear some time in the future - maybe hours, weeks, months, or years into the future.

    I grew up in SB and miss it terribly. We lived below the Riviera on Alisos off of DeLa Vina. I have been following the Jesusita Fire story and will be reading your blog entries carefully now that I have found them. I am glad that SB has once again survived a wildfire. Between earthquakes and fires, it seemed like something was always try to destroy paradise.

    I came across your blog while surfing quilting and sewing sites. I have yet to check out the store. I am looking forward to it.

    Enjoy paradise!

    Teresa Marie

  2. Ms. Fine, just had to add one more comment re: Santa Ana winds vs. Sundowners. When I was lining in SB in the 60's (ages ago, I know), we called those hot, dry winds Santa Anas. My understanding was that they came from the southwest off the Santa Ana desert. Mind you, this is the memory of a middle-aged woman who moved from SB at the age of 15 1/2.

    I was surprised to hear the winds called Sundowners. Again relying on that aging memory, I can remember walking home from grammar school with my hair standing up with static electricity. The air was so completely dry, I think the humidity must have been negative.

    Take Care

    Teresa Marie

  3. I LOVE the thimble story!! My friend and I always had this theory of things that don't want to be found (for whatever reason) and that is it useless to look for them until they decide they want to be found again... One never knows when or why this is the case. One is just to feel lucky the item decided to reappear! ;)

    Reading about the fires (OMG- having to decide WHAT to take from your home!) feels really odd for me - I live in an area that is not threatend by ANY natural catastrophies - lucky me. It is soo hard to imagine these things... And I wish you all the best for the future!

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